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Permanent Makeup After Care

General Permanent Makeup After Care Instructions That Apply To All Procedures

Keeping the area clean and coated with Aquaphor is essential for the first
7 days after your procedure.
1. Do not let area dry out or scab. Some weeping the first day or so is normal with
any tattoo. Do not let the weeping build up and develop a crust. This could lead to
scab development which pulls pigment out. Wipe the area very gently with a cold
wet cotton round pad and reapply a thick layer of Aquaphor.
2. No heavy sweating, working out or hot yoga for 4 days.
3. No salt water or chlorine swimming pools for 7 days.
4. No direct water from showers or bathing on the permanent makeup treatment area. Wash around the
area with a cloth or sponge while avoiding getting cleansers, detergents and hair
products on the procedure area.
5. Keep cosmetics and skin care products off procedure areas for 7 days. 


Face and side sleepers should use extra healing balm covered in plastic wrap and first aid tape the first 3 nights while sleeping.
to avoid wiping off Healing Balm ointment and drying out.
❖ Do not let the area dry out. Apply your Healing Balm at least 10 times a day.
❖ If you purchase a package that includes touch ups for eyebrows, touch ups can’t be done sooner than2 weeks post procedure application. 


A straw is required to drink all drinks for at least a full week unless you are drinking plain water. No kissing or licking lips for a
minimum of one week. The acids in your saliva will pull pigment out. A and D ointment tastes terrible and works great to train you not to
lick your lips.
❖ Use your healing balm every half hour, before you eat and after you eat. Apply extra at night before bed. A and D ointment can
be used as well.
❖ If you get cold sores, hopefully you are on Valtrex or the like to prevent an outbreak.
❖ Touch ups for lips can’t be done sooner than 3 weeks post procedure application.


You can apply ice and gentle pressure following a new procedure is highly recommended to reduce inflammation. Swelling is progressive with eyeliner procedures. Clients with little to no swelling immediately post procedure many times do not feel it necessary to ice their procedure and wake up to substantial swelling the next day. This is preventable. Frozen peas in individual snack size ziploc bags
that are single use and disposed of are great. Use and toss! The peas mold perfectly to the little curves in the eye area. Ice one eye at a time if you prefer. Ice for 10-15 minutes then take a break for 20 minutes and then ice again.
❖ Absolutely no eye makeup or mascara for 7 days. No eyelash extensions for 2 weeks. When you start wearing mascara again,
make sure it is a new tube that hasn’t been used before. Mascara is a breeding ground for bacteria!
❖ Apply your Aquaphor at least 7 times a day for 7 days

After Care For Clients With Pre-Existing Permanent Makeup Or Pigment Retention Issues

If you are a client who got correction services or a cover up or have issues with pigment retention issues, we have some great information on our PIGMENT RETENTION 101 page. 

Touch Ups

Touch ups are not free. Most of our clients do not need a touch up for 1-3 years after their initial application. A touch up, boost or modification may be needed or desired after the initial application. Clients only pay for what they need. All appointments are pay as you go. To keep prices affordable and fair, clients only pay for what they need. If you need tweaking or some modifications to your initial application, a minimal needle charge ($50 per procedure) is accessed if you schedule in 30 days or less from your initial application. After 30 days, touch up prices apply. 


Please be mindful of our 24-hour cancellation policy. There are no cancellations accepted 24 hours prior to appointment. Our full policy is on the web site and was emailed to you upon booking. All booking and cancelations are done by the client through our scheduling site. 

Do you have questions?


Please do not message via social media, Facebook or IG. We have a social media marketing company that handles those platforms, and they cannot provide detailed information. All questions must go through the question form. 

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