Permanent Makeup Pricing 

Are you looking for cheap permanent makeup or the best permanent makeup in Las Vegas? and


Most permanent makeup procedures include retouches. Permanent makeup pricing is subject to change without notice.


Beauty marks $100+

3D Digital Eyebrows - Premium Service

Digital Nouveau Contour Machine $499 (more accurate & lasts longer) No scabbing or down time. Most of work shown is done via this method. Includes 2 free retouches.

Traditional solid eyebrow tattoo - Most affordable treatment

$399  (Lasts the longest but least natural looking) This is a very dramatic looking tattoo. Includes 1 free retouch.

Eyeliner is $349 to $499 depending on how thick and if both top and bottom lids are done.

Lips include a basic lipliner, blended lip liner 3/4th lip and full lip tinting $450-$600

Lips, eyeliner and eyebrows together in a single appointment $1200  (special includes 2 retouches)



Breast revision or scar revision $200-$800

Correction services $150-$200 each appointment

Removal treatments $150-$300 each appointment  Please see CORRECTION AND REMOVAL information.


Please come in for a consultation is you have any questions about pricing and services. Consultations are free. Schedule here.

Nevada Permanent Makeup & Microblading Academy 

Microblading And Permanent Makeup Correction

Microblading , permanent makeup and permanent makeup correction in Las Vegas. Permanent makeup apprenticiship


Location: 9272 Tamarus St. Suite 100 Las Vegas NV 89123

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