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Correction And Removal

If you just got microblading or permanent makeup done and are wanting REMOVAL, please see the REMOVAL page. Come in before you are healed!

Successful permanent makeup correction and removal is a highly regarded service in the industry. Theresa has many years of experience and knowledge fixing botched permanent makeup jobs. More than half her business is repairing what other technicians have created and worse what unskilled technicians tried to "repair" themselves. With the popularity of microblading and classes that certify new technicians in 3 days, unfortunately microblading corrections and removals are incredibly common.

permanent makeup correction Las Vegas

Public Warning: This is not a result of correction work by Theresa but an example of poor "permanent makeup correction". TOP PHOTO


DO NOT allow a permanent makeup technician to apply "skin color" pigments to correct poorly placed or uneven application. This is a common practice among unskilled technicians. Skin colors and white pigments contain ingredients that turn off white or yellow. It looks like chalk and can not be removed with laser. Laser will turn it black. Applying skin color cover up is the worst possible option. Please use caution when considering this. Removal is a far better option.

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Microblading and Permanent Makeup Correction in Las Vegas


Permanent Makeup & Microblading Color Correction Or Removal?


​Basic color correction is usually a simple process. Permanent makeup or microbladed eyebrows that need color correction can be brought to a more neutral shade with as little as one treatment.


This client required minor removal for a better shape.


Clients who do not opt for full removal must have realistic expectations. The treatment area can be look much better and more attractive after the treatments but they may never reach their ideal look 100%. Improvement and a much more attractive result are realistic expectations.


Permanent makeup and microblading removal or permanent makeup correction is a slightly more involved services than the actual application. For the best course of action, it is best to come in for a free consultation. This will allow the artist to see the area and provide the most accurate recommendations.


It is advisable to seek out removal when there is pigment in places where the client desires it not. There are both Laser tattoo removal and saline fading/removal treatments that can aid in pulling unwanted pigment out.



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