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About The Artist

Theresa G. 


  • Master artist and instructor at Nevada Permanent Makeup Academy
  • Licensed aesthetician
  • SNHD licensed permanent makeup artist
  • 24 years experience
  • thousands of procedures preformed
  • creator of Fix2 Healing Balm for permanent makeup

Being an artist of canvas and paint, permanent makeup came easy to Theresa. A lifetime artist of abstract and realism, Theresa has been able to strengthen her ability to provide creative concepts to the permanent makeup field.


"Striving to be the best permanent makeup artist possible is not only my passion but a requirement in this field."  Theresa


What is the "best permanent makeup" according to Theresa? The ideal result should be subtle and realistic. Granted, most permanent makeup artists provide a very bold and solid look, Theresa is more on the conservative side. Light enhancements that to not become the focal point of the face are most attractive. Avoiding obvious permanent makeup applications and implementing blended softer techniques, provides the "best permanent makeup".

Permanent Makeup Artist

With many technicians in Las Vegas, looking for the best permanent makeup artist can be confusing. Experience, reviews and credentials are key in choosing the right artist.  Theresa has 24 years of experience, tons of reviews and works in a medical setting. Theresa is physician endorsed, licensed medical aesthetician and has worked under cosmetic surgeons.

Now with a second location in Kingman Arizona, there is no need to drive into Las Vegas for the best permanent makeup treatments! 

Voted Best Of Las Vegas 

Voted Top 100 Most Influential Women In

Las Vegas 2019 - MyVegas Magazine


What brought you to Kingman?

The first picture I took when going to view the ranch I was going to buy on the first visit. I fell in love. I was home. 
permanent makeup certification .jpg
My students and Academy in Las Vegas! Is it me or do I have the most beautiful students ever?

Above is all about my credentials and more of a resume. How about we get a little personal? I want to share a bit about me and what has brought me to Kingman. 

I have been blessed to work in permanent cosmetics for 23 years. The 

last 16 years have been in Las Vegas Nevada. I do not do nails, hair and I'm not a massage therapist. I do permanent makeup all day every day. This is not my side gig or side hustle. I'm no PMU tourist or hobbyist. I was a pioneer in my field when it wasn't a recognized field. Las Vegas has gone from only a handful of permanent makeup artists to thousands in Clark County today. I have seen it go from nobody to Rockstar status.

As the popularity and interest in the art of permanent makeup grew, I saw there was a great need for structured training. The 2 day to 2 week traveling workshops created poorly trained technicians. This was a disservice to the public and harmful to my profession. I opened up the first brick and mortar academy for microblading and permanent cosmetics in Las Vegas. It is a 6 month training and apprenticeship program that has been highly successful in producing amazing technicians. My technicians are possibly the best trained in the world. 

I love my clients, my craft and have a passion for teaching. I plan on doing this all for a long time. Retirement won't be for 20 or 30 more years! I do have a second passion though. I have dreamed of sustainable and ethical farming. I wanted a ranch. 

I purchased property outside Kingman Arizona in 2020 to realize a life long dream. I get to play with animals and grow organic produce! I'm close enough to Las Vegas to commute a couple days a week for my clients and classes. I'm just outside Kingman so why not open a little office there?

I already have quite a few clients from Kingman, Lake Havasu, Bullhead city and Northern Arizona who drive to Las Vegas to see me. I have never marked or advertised in these areas but I have tons of clients from these areas. It just makes sense to have a location I can provide services at a couple days a week!

I'm keeping one foot in Las Vegas as I have a very established practice and school. The other foot, I'm charting new territory (figuratively and literally). I hope to get to know my new community while providing high quality services that they used to have to travel to Las Vegas for. 

I grew up in Arizona. It feels like I am coming home. I love the wonderful opportunity Las Vegas has made available to me but I also yearn for the quiet serenity of a dirt road evening stroll and watching the sun set over my barn. 

You could say I want my cake and eat it too. Well, I aim to do exactly that!

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