About The Artist

Being The Best Permanent Makeup Artist Possible.

Being an artist of canvas and paint, permanent makeup came easy to Theresa. A lifetime artist of abstract and realism, Theresa has been able to strengthen her ability to provide creative concepts to the permanent makeup field.


"Striving to be the best permanent makeup artist possible is not only my passion but a requirement in this field."  Theresa


What is the "best permanent makeup" according to Theresa? The ideal result should be subtle and realistic. Granted, most permanent makeup artists provide a very bold and solid look, Theresa is more on the conservative side. Light enhancements that to not become the focal point of the face are most attractive. Avoiding obvious permanent makeup applications and implementing blended softer techniques, provides the "best permanent makeup".

With many technicians in Las Vegas, looking for the best permanent makeup artist can be confusing. Experience, reviews and credentials are key in choosing the right artist.  Theresa has 18 years experience, tons of reviews and works in a medical setting. Theresa is physician endorced, licensed medical aesthetician and has worked under cosmetic surgeons.

Nevada Permanent Makeup & Microblading Academy 

Microblading And Permanent Makeup Correction

Microblading , permanent makeup and permanent makeup correction in Las Vegas. Permanent makeup apprenticiship


Location: 9272 Tamarus St. Suite 100 Las Vegas NV 89123

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