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Microblading & Permanent Makeup Removal

Unfortunately with the growing popularity of eyebrow tattoo and microblading, there has been an abundance of poorly trained and inexperienced technicians flooding the market. The demand for correction and removal treatments is at an all time high. 

Theresa has 23 years experience in tattoo and cosmetic tattoo removal. At least 50% of her business is fixing botched jobs. The method used is a natural salt treatment that works faster than laser and is geared specifically towards cosmetic pigment lifting.

Time Is Not On Your Side

Up to 100% of the pigment can be removed in a single treatment if the procedure area is not healed yet. The first 24 hours after a botched procedure is the most productive time to get a simple 20 minute treatment. Each day after the initial pigment application that a client waits makes it less likely to remove the pigment in a single application. At 72 hours after the pigment application, on average 60% can be removed in a single treatment. At 7 days, approximately 30% can be removed in a single treatment. Once fully healed, typically 3 to 6 treatments are needed to get the pigment to an acceptable level of fading. These percentages are just estimates based on the average client.


Pigment lifting success also has other variables including the amount of pigment implanted, type of pigment, depth of pigment and method of pigment implantation. Microbladed eyebrows are one of the more tricky procedures to reverse due to the more aggressive implant method and trauma caused by the cuts from the microblade. Clients who had a poor microblading experience should absolutely get in within the first 72 hours after their application to reduce the risk of having to deal with multiple removal treatments. 



A Microblading Or Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment

The treatment is a non Laser, all natural treatment. Unlike laser, you will not permanently loose your eyebrow hair, you won't have laser burns and you don't have to be 6 weeks healed before a treatment! A sterile solution is tattooed into the skin to make the body reject the pigment with digital powered device.


You are provided anesthetic to be more comfortable.

You are provided with after care instructions.

Your home care products are provided for you at no extra charge.

You will scab up in a few days and the pigment is pulled into the scab and will fall off with it.

Once an acceptable amount of pigment is removed, you can opt for a new eyebrow procedure with Theresa if you would like!

No, this is not what you envisioned when you decided to get your procedure done and it is not a fun journey but there is hope! You do not have to be stuck with something you do not like or that you feel is not exactly what you had in mind. You were hoping for "the best microblading in Las Vegas" or "the best 3d eyebrows" and you feel let down. This is a reasonable response but there is help and you can do something about it.

You can schedule on line through this web site now. If there is not an opening soon enough, Theresa makes special appointments for emergency removals! Botched corrections and removals are her specialty and a priority. Please book on line and if you cant get in right away, fill out this form below . Text 702-475-3482 if you have additional questions. 

Thanks! Message sent. Don't Worry!

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