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Permanent Makeup Common Questions FAQ  -  Las Vegas

Are you new to permanent makeup and microblading? That is ok because here are common answers to the most common questions.


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Does permanent makeup hurt?

Digital permanent makeup is an uncomfortable treatment if quality anesthetic (local numbing agents) are not used. In fact, a client may have a reflex and move if a good anesthetic is not in place. Microblading is a very painful procedure so Anesthetic is a must.


Rest assured, the best permanent makeup numbing agents are used with every procedure. Clients typically are comfortable. If not, the procedure is stopped and additional anesthetic is used.

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How long does digtal permanent makeup last?

Digital permanent makeup can last many years with proper care. UV rays fade tattoo and permanent makeup pigments. So a good SPF is required to extend the life.


Lighter colors, blonds, light browns ect do fade faster than dark brows, blue and blacks. Lighter color may need a retouch in 2 years while black needs it in 10.

Microblading will fade faster than 3d permanent makeup.

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What exactly is the procedure?

In a nutshell: The client fills out a health background and is consulted. Discussed is design, color and expectations. Once both client and artist are comfortable, the numbing process (20-30 minutes) occurs. The procedure area is drawn on client and client approves the design. At this point, the pigment is implanted on top of the approved designed shape. The client is then provided after care instructions,

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What is 3d permanent eyebrow makeup?

3d is dimension and not flat or solid coloring. Many places call hair strokes or lines, 3d when all they are are pen marks. There is nothing 3d about "hair strokes" which may look like stitches or pen marks. True 3d is blending, shading, and creation of a depth illusion. It is a process that was invented by Theresa. This conception led way to powder finish, authentic hair simulation blended permanent cosmetics. It is basically a softer more natural permanent makeup and more natural than microblading. 3D eyebrows are done with the all digital equipment from Germany.

3d eyebrows las vegas
What Is Microblading?

Common misconceptions about microblading and permanent makeup. This is a must read.

" I heard microblading is not a tattoo! Are microblading and permanent makeup totally different? Is permanent makeup not a tattoo? Yes of course microblading is a tattoo and so is permanent makeup. Cosmetic tattoo is tattooing on the face that resembles cosmetics or enhances cosmetically. Microblading is a primitive non machine tattoo method where a row of needles is dipped into tattoo pigment, stabbled into the skin and then dragged across the skin to make cuts that the pigment is deposited into. Pigment deposited into the skin via a needle or cutting device is a tattoo. This is fact. Microblading is cosmetic tattooing AKA permanent makeup. Call it magical unicorn brow fairy painting or anything you like but it is still a tattoo.

Is microblading semi-permanent? NO! NO! This is an absolutely false statement that the new wave of microblade providers are behind. No ethical or knowledgeable technician should ever claim this. The SPCP has issued a public statement (see link at bottom) in regards to these inaccurate claims. All tattoos fade or lighten in time but it is doubtful that they will ever disappear 100%. Hair simulation or fine line tattoo work (no matter what method) deposits less pigment and is more susceptible to faster lightening than old style permanent makeup (solid and heavy density) tattooing. With traditional tattoo or old style permanent makeup methods, so much more pigment was initially implanted so it faded slower but the results had a bold Sharpie or stenciled look. Yes some microblading procedures completely disapear in weeks or months but this is because of the inconsistent application of slices.

What kind of blade is a microblade? The name itself is misleading right? Microblading is not a blade at all. It is many needles that work like sharp teeth in a row. There are no blades used. From a distance it looks like an exacto knife blade but it is actually many needles in a row at an angle that get scratched or dragged across the skin to open up the dermis and implant pigment. Refer to the posted picture.

Microblading needles are nano needles right? No, microblading is far from a nano needle. The Nouveau Contour Digital Intelligent needles are substantially thinner and are considered a nano needle. Compared to traditional body art tattoo and microblading needles, the digital needle is ultra fine and causes less trauma to the skin. This needle produces a more accurate and detailed result. Because the needle is used in a digitally powered device, consistent pressure and depth is applied. Microblading needle groups are not nano needles. They do not cause less trauma. Microblading needles are in fact a grouping of many needles that work like razor sharp teeth and are dragged across the skin. Many technicians create deeper cuts and rub pigment into the cuts to implant color. Deep cuts are not possible with true nano-needles because fine punctures are made, not cuts. This cutting is only done in microblading.

I do incorporate some microblading into some of my eyebrow procedures for certain effects so I am not opposed to this method but I favor the digital machine method. When it comes to accuracy, superior pigment retention and healing with no scabbing, the Nouveau Contour Digital Intelligent knocks it out of the park. A fine accurate puncture is preferred over cutting in most procedures.

Are the pigments semi-permanent and are they natural or organic? The misinformation on pigments grinds my gears. I have not seen a truly "organic" pigment line on the market in 22 years in my industry. Pigments for cosmetic applications are carbon black, oxides or titanium dioxide ground into a fine powder and suspended in a carrier. These are tried and true non-reactive ingredients used in the most reputable pigment lines in the United States. I have seen a few pigment lines from China that claim to be organic but the manufacturer refused to provide a MSDS sheet. Another microblading pigment line from China claims semi-permanent and all natural but they are using acrylics in their pigments. I will not implant acrylic (plastics and color chemicals used in acrylic paints) into anyone. I personally won't use pigments manufactured in China at all. I only use one manufacturer that is in California USA. I have used them for 22 years. No, there is not a legitimate semi-permanent pigment line on the market or an authentic and safe organic line that I have found. Put what you want on the label but the ingredients speak for themselves. Darker shades like black fade much slower than lighter colors. Softer shades, blending, powder finish and fine line work lighten faster due to less pigment deposited in the skin but that doesn't classify the pigments as semi-permanent. Saying the pigments are semi-permanent is misleading and gives the consumer the notion that it is just going to disappear or vanish. I do more tattoo removals on so called "semi-permanent" procedures than anything.

I was told that microblading only lasts a year so if I don't like them, they will be gone in a year anyways. This is untrue. Refer to the above paragraphs. You may need a retouch but it isn't going to magically disappear. It is an excellent selling tactic to tell a client that it isn't a real tattoo and it is going be gone in a year or so. A client is made to assume it is no big deal and is more likely to throw caution to the wind with an unskilled or inexperienced technician. It is true that some microbladed eyebrows fade in only a few months but they might not so they should not be called semi-permanent.

Microblading is a new and improved technology? Microblading is a new name for an old method of tattoo. It was called Softap, manual method, hand tool method, embroidery and non machine method in the past among other things. If someone tells you it is a new technology, they are new to permanent makeup.

I believe that consumers should have the facts. Unfortunately there are too many misconceptions about microblading and pigments. I have been doing permanent makeup for 22 years and added microblading (once called manual method or Softap) to my techniques 12 years ago. I'm familiar with the history of it and the facts. With the flood of new technicians (1 or 2 day certifications) there has been a lot of new marketing propaganda that is so misleading."   

                                                                                                    ------  Theresa G.

Cosmetic tattoo is a glorious thing! However, clients need to be well informed. The happiest client is the educated client.

Here is an official statement from the SPCP. This is a must read!…/spcp-guideli…/microblading-fact-sheet/

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