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Digital Permanent Makeup & 3D Eyebrows


100% Digital 3D Permanent Cosmetics In Las Vegas

Digital vs Traditional Analogue Permanent Makeup

So what is the difference?


Over 90% percent of permanent makeup professionals use “analogue” tattoo and rotary pen style machines. Less than 10% of permanent makeup technicians use “digital” technology. The needle frequency, speed of pigmentation of machines is controlled solely by plugging the hand piece directly into a DC outlet, or power supply. An authentic digital machine should guarantee that the speed chosen will be the same as the actual needle frequency. A rotary or coil analogue set up can be done for $100-$200 and the digital equipment used here cost about $5000.00. Most importantly, the digital needles come in a cartridge that is pre-sterilized, so there is no need for an autoclave. Analogue (tattoo guns and permanent makeup pens) have several to many parts that need to be sterilized between clients.


What are the negative aspects of using non-digital or analogue methods?


  • It is noisy and some people say it reminds them of the sound of a dentist drill.

  • Most permanent makeup rotary pen style machines are made in China with little regulation.

  • The plastic casings are a biohazard nightmare due to not being able to be sterilized or autoclaved.

  • The traditional coil type tattoo guns are much more sanitary and but are loud, obnoxious and far too aggressive for delicate facial skin.

  • What permanent makeup rotary pens and traditional tattoo coil guns have in common is that they lack the intelligent digital technology that auto-adjusts.

  • They can be inconsistent in pigment implantation and can cause more trauma.

  • Microblading is not a machine method! It is a skin cutting manual method. 



The Intelligent Digital Machine

​The only choice for the true professional.


The machine of choice Theresa uses is the Nouveau Contour Intelligent. This is a state of the art German made digital instrument by Nouveau Contour. This equipment is the Rolls Royce of permanent makeup equipment. Its control unit assures consistent and stable needle frequency, despite resistance of the skin. When resistance of the skin does occur, the digital control unit will maintain the preset needle speed chosen so that the rate of the needle punctures per second remains constant.


Analogy; What occurs when you place a car on cruise control? When the car goes uphill it speeds up and when it begins to descend downhill it slows down, maintaining a consistent speed. This is what only true digital can do.


Nouveau Contour Intelligent provides undistorted, accurate and consistent power between the control unit and hand piece despite resistance of the skin. This provides an excellent pigment retention, quick procedure time, less swelling and minimal touchups. Quality equipment is an important component to result in more satisfied clients and more referrals.

Above: This is a common eyebrow tattoo done with a manual (non machine method) microblade that is marketed as "3D" for under $200 and done in a single appointment. Clearly this looks like lines that are not attractive. This is so called microblading. You can see the cuts in the skin from the microblading.


Above: Digital 3d digital technique permanent eyebrows in mild ombre. A 3d look right here!


Right: Blended ombre lip procedure. a full lip tint with an ombre lip liner for fuller looking lips using 100% digital equipment. This blending provides a 3d effect.


Below: Ombre speckle brow with nano needle cartridges in digital powered machine. This is a super fun technique and cool look. Not quite 3d but there  is a little illusion of dimension.

What is Digital Permanent Makeup? What is 3d?


​The majority of so called “3D eyebrows” are not 3D in any way. In order to be 3D there must be dimension and lines that look like pen marks or staples are not 3D. Technicians are using impressive phrases like “embroidery eyebrows”, “feather stroked”, “hair stroked” and “3D eyebrows” for lines that resemble pen marks. They can call making lines many things but 3D is in another league completely.


Plain and simply put, 3D means 3 dimensions and an end result of depth. Creating an illusion that must be accomplished with skilled blending and shading is 3D. No hair strokes or lines are necessary in creating this illusion at all. They can be added to the tattoo but they alone are not in any way what defines 3D eyebrows.


I do more blended powder finish with no hair simulation (hair strokes) to create 3D eyebrows than I do that of primarily hair strokes. 3D is about a soft natural result that doesn’t look like a tattoo. It is unfortunate that I encounter so many misconceptions of what 3D actually is.” Theresa


Digital permanent makeup application is the use of a digital powered machine. Microblading is a manual method that uses a blade to make cuts into the skin. It is not digital! The digital process is done with a digital (not analogue) powered machine. It is more accurate and causes less damage to the sin that microblading. 


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